Summit Proceedings Report

Project for Civic Health Summit Proceedings is a report following the review of each table’s documents at the Civic Health Summit that helped identify underlying patterns that may shape future actions.

The Summit was hosted using participatory design-based practices that are simple yet impactful to ensure that each conversation supported the purpose of the engagement. Our hosting team provided participants template sheets to document, internalize, and reflect on the information shared on their table.

Topics by page:

Improving civiC discourse

  • Learnings from Efforts Promoting Civic Dialogue on the Ground (Pg. 6-7)
  • Building Capacity of Democratic Dialogue (Pg. 8)
  • Learning from “Disagree Better:” A New Initiative of the National Governors Association (Pg. 9-10)
  • Celebrating, Promoting, and Rewarding Bipartisan Collaboration (Pg. 11-12)
  • Local Efforts that Build Relationships and Civic Capacity (Pg. 18-19)
  • Supporting Civility on County Officials and Commissions (Pg. 20)

Legislative Support for Civic Health

  • Building Capacity of Democratic Dialogue: Training for Candidates and Elected Leaders (Pg. 8)
  • Legislative Action to Strengthen Local News Ecosystem (Pg. 14-15)
  • State Level Political Reforms to Support Civic Health (Pg. 22-23)
  • Celebrating, Promoting, and Rewarding Bipartisan Collaboration (Pg. 11-12)

Media Efforts for Civic Health

  • Strengthen Local News by Creating New, Credible Local/Regional/State Nonprofit Sites (Pg. 13)
  • Deepening Civic Understanding and Engagement among Adults: Building anew chapter for TVW (Pg. 16)
  • Aligning Social Media with Civic Health (Pg. 17)

Promoting Civic Health through Education

  • Bolstering Civic Health in School Boards (Pg. 24-25)
  • K-12 Civic Education Reform and Civic Health (Pg. 26)
  • Develop Programs to Connect Elected Officials to K-12 Teachers and Classrooms (Pg. 27)