Project for Civic Health Team

Logo of the Lieutenant Governor's Office, who is a co-partner of the Project for Civic Health

Lt. Governor Denny Heck

First elected in 2020, Denny Heck brings to the office a lifetime of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. As Lt. Governor, he serves as the President of the Washington State Senate, Chair of the Senate Rules Committee, and Acting Governor whenever Governor Inslee is out of the state.

Lt. Governor Heck believes that our state and nation are experiencing a crisis in confidence and trust in public discourse and in governance. He thus co-designed the Project for Civic Health to find solutions to this crisis together and restore civic health to our community.

Henry M. Jackson Foundation

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation focuses on combating climate change, advancing human rights, and promoting civic leadership. Our work is inspired by Senator Jackson’s skills as a leader, the values he modeled, and the policy areas that he cared about deeply. Today, as a result, we use all of this to strengthen leaders and organizations that tackle some of the toughest problems that humanity faces.

Executive Director Katy Terry believes that it’s essential to bring in different perspectives to create better, more lasting solutions to today’s biggest challenges, and in the process, people often discover unexpected common ground. She then co-designed the Project for Civic Health to do exactly that.

Logo of the Jackson Foundation, who is a co-partner of the Project for Civic Health
Logo of UW Evans School, who is a co-partner of the Project for Civic Health


For more than 60 years, the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has built a reputation as one of the top public policy schools in the nation. It is defined by a shared purpose: to inspire public service and to democratize public policy.

Dean Jodi Sandfort commits to hosting communities to co-create solutions to pressing problems. Therefore, through the Project for Civic Health, the Evans School seeks to support the practice of collaborative decision-making and build our regional capacity to disagree better. This is essential for the public sector’s ability to govern and advance positive change in our communities.

The William D. Ruckelshaus Center

The Ruckelshaus Center is a joint effort of Washington State University and the University of Washington, created to foster collaborative public policy in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

Director Julia Carboni co-designs the Project for Civic Health to be actionable, participatory, and inclusive. The main drive of the project is to listen to the people and collect every information that each person shares through their experience and expertise.

Logo of the Ruckelshaus Center, who is a co-partner of the Project for Civic Health